Saturday, September 8, 2012

What to Consider When Buying Centrifuges?

Centrifuges are among the most important equipment in hospital labs and healthcare clinics. Used for processing various types of blood samples, laboratory centrifuges come in various models. You have to choose the right one to meet your requirements. There are certain things you need to consider when buying centrifuges for your lab.

Factors to be considered while purchasing Centrifuges

Medical laboratory centrifuges vary considerably in their features, so make sure your selected device satisfies all your requirements.

• Spin speed is important. Revolutions-per-minute will vary and you should consider the speed required for your application. Check the programmability of your centrifuge and whether it will meet your requirements.

• Consider whether you need a refrigerated or non-refrigerated one. A refrigerated interior will help to protect the sample from heat damage. The best models also have some features like last run memory or over-speed running and so on.

• Check the tube, which may be made of glass or plastic. Consider the dimensions of the tubes. Microcentrifuges that are used in research labs have tubes of very small capacities. Make sure you get the tube size suitable for your application.

• Motor and bowl: A centrifuge with a brushless motor would be virtually maintenance-free and is an ideal option for busy labs. Also, a stainless steel bowl would ensure easy clean-out

• Display: A centrifuge with a digital display would shows status, time, speed (RPM), and RCF (g).

Medical Laboratory Centrifuges - Look for Accuracy and Safety

Accuracy is also an important factor. So buy quality product from a reliable laboratory dealer that supplies quality brands of centrifuges providing accurate results. Some leading centrifuge manufacturers include Block Scientific, BD Diagnostic Systems, Beckman, Clay Adams, Drucker and Unico. The warranty period for the lab equipment should also be considered.

Centrifugation is a high-power activity. Purchasing centrifuges with a proper safety system is important to keep the lid from opening when the rotor is in motion. Modern centrifuges are also built for stability and quiet operation.

Budget is a major factor while purchasing a centrifuge. You need to compare online prices and review various products. If you cannot find any medical laboratory centrifuge priced to suit your budget, you can purchase a recertified centrifuge which costs less than new, works as well, and comes with parts warranty.

Finding the right supplier

It is easy to find right supplier by searching online. This facilitates comparison of prices and various models. Online blogs, articles, forums and reviews will also help you to find the right lab equipment supplier.

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