Saturday, June 30, 2012

How Increase the Performance of Commercial Flooring?

However, there are numerous things that you can implement that will increase the lifecycle and performance of a new floor covering.

Carpet should be maintained using a correct maintenance programme by a professional cleaning company from the moment it is installed, this should comprise of regular visits to carry out spot removal and deep cleaning to high traffic areas. The application of a carpet protector spray will help with the cleaning, maintenance and performance of the carpet, what it won't do is provide bullet proof protection for the carpet as many people believe will be the case. If staff have access to drinks machine or kitchen areas where they make food or drinks, these areas should be monitored closely and if tea/coffee spillages are becoming a problem consider limiting drinks to specific areas that can be contained.

Vinyl floors can range from basic tiles through to luxury vinyl tiles incorporating a PU sealant. The floor type will depend on the installation type, foot traffic and what happens on a cleaning and maintenance basis, if a vinyl floor has been installed in a warehouse environment, the foot traffic is heavy, it will need an additional protective sealant applied to maintain the surface. Like most floor coverings it is the grit and dirt that will affect and damage the surface, it is important to minimise this as much as possible especially in high footfall areas where is can quickly scratch the tile surface if not sealed. PU sealants are available for further protection, these will provide a lot more protection against the traditional dressings or emulsion polishes and will carry a 3 year warranty in some cases.

Stone is a luxury product that finds its way into various commercial buildings, whether it is marble, granite, slate, limestone, travertine, basalt, sandstone or some other natural stone. These products have been perceived to be very hard wearing and almost maintenance free in the past, it should not be overlooked as a material that requires no maintenance! All of the above stone types can be diamond ground to a smooth finish that will enhance the appearance, this can be enhanced further by specialist sealants, colour enhancers, vitrification processes. Sealants can vary dramatically in quality, some are topical and others are impregnating, water or solvent based, the use of the correct sealant will extend the lifespan, performance and appearance of such a beautiful natural material.

Wood has been increasing in popularity since the late 90's and has made its way into numerous commercial venues ranging from sports arenas to high street wine bars. All will need regular maintenance or treatment to extend the lifecycle of the chosen timber, this can be dependent on where the floor is installed, what type of timber it is, hardwood or softwood and even what type of floor has been installed, solid or engineered (egineered has a wear layer of real wood on a softwood backing). Foot fall and access for treatment will determin the type of finish to choose, lacquers, oils, wax-oils all provide varying levels of protection, lacquers are the most hard wearing and layers can be applied to provide a very hard wearing finish in very high traffic areas. Oils and wax-oils are still a commercial option as they can be layered also, they will give a more natural appearance, however the drying times and window of opportunity have to be considered in all product options. If the wood is maintained properly it will extend the lifecycle of the floor for many years.